Step 2

Review The Task

Watch the task's status for updates and review the task when the status is marked "Task Review".
Step 6

Task Completion

Once your task get's marked as "complete" it is live on your website or the designs are ready for development.

How do I know when my task is ready for review?

You will know your task is ready for review when it gets marked as 'Task Review' by the team in ClickUp. You can then review the completed work and provide feedback if necessary.

What should I do if my task requires revisions?

If your task requires revisions, move the task from the 'Task Review' status to the 'Task Status' and mark it as 'Needs Updating' using a tag in ClickUp. This signals the team that revisions are required.

What happens after I accept a task?

Once you accept a task, the Zenger Digital team will push the update live, and the task will then be marked as complete in ClickUp.

What types of tasks can I submit for Webflow maintenance?

You can submit over 50 types of tasks related to website design and Webflow development. A detailed list of these tasks can be found on our service matrix page.

How do I determine the urgency of my task?

When submitting a task, consider the impact of the task on your website and your business needs. Urgency levels can typically range from critical (requiring immediate attention) to low (can be scheduled for a later time).

How can I communicate additional details or changes to my task after submission?

If you need to add details or request changes after submission, you can use the task's communication features in ClickUp. You can add comments, attach files, or even update the task description if necessary.

Can I submit multiple tasks at once?

Yes, you can submit multiple tasks at once using the task submission form. However, ensure that each task is clearly defined to prevent any confusion during the processing and execution stages.

What if I need to prioritize a task after submission?

If you need to change the priority of a task after submission, you can update the urgency level in ClickUp or contact the Zenger Digital team to discuss the adjustment.