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Our Website Design Process

Kickoff Meeting
We start every project with a kick-off meeting to introduce our team, discuss how the design process works, and learn more about your business and how we can reach your design goals. On the kick-off call, we also introduce our tech stack, like Slack, ClickUp (for project management), and Figma (our design software).
Design Questionnaire
After our kick-off meeting, we send you our design questionnaire that asks specific questions regarding your design preferences and sites that you want us to use as inspiration. It also allows you to attach brand guidelines such as your logo, font, and color. The more in-depth your answers to the form are, the more accurately we can encapsulate your vision for the website's design.
Wireframe Design
Wireframes help us do a lot quickly. By creating a website wireframe, we can visualize how the site's content will be structured alongside placeholder design elements, such as blocks for images and videos. Also, wireframes help us understand the user experience and journey more clearly. This phase is critical because it lays the foundation for the entire website's design; if you are happy with the wireframe structure, you will love the finished design.
Figma Design
The website design phase of the process is easily the most exciting. Seeing your site come to life with color, icons, images, animations, and video brings together all of the hard work from the previous phases. We use Figma as our design tool of choice; it allows us to work together as a team and makes it easy for you to comment on parts of the design that you love and aspects of the design that you don't. Also, we can make rapid iterations on the initial design using auto layouts.
User Testing
The final stage of the process is to test the designs using a pool of test users. They navigate the Figma design and comment on the content and user experience. This phase gives us a glimpse into how the site will perform when it is launched. However, this phase's essential part is ensuring that our main points are being communicated clearly and correctly.



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Website Design

Designing website that help you raise your bottom line by increase online conversions.
Desktop and mobile designs
Designs created to convert users to buyers
Created using Figma
Tested for the best results

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Website Design + Webflow Dev

Taking you through both our website design and Webflow development process for an outstanding website.
All the benefits of our Webflow development
Custom web design created to convert
Real-time feedback with our team
Delivers in 5 weeks depending on scope

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What Our Clients Say About Us

Zanger Digital is INCREDIBLE!! I would highly recommend these guys if you're looking for an attractive, smooth, yet high functioning website!

Zack Kaser

Second Light media
Second Light media
Working with Zanger Digital was hands down my best experience working with a web designer. He has a structured process that makes the experience predictible and fluid.

Kyle Vamvouris

“We work with Zanger Digital to manage our website on a regular cadence. The Zanger Digital team are able to turn projects around very quickly.

Phoebe Wang

Content Marketing Manager
“The team at Zanger Digital is professional, knowledgeable, and patient. I have finally found a group I can build a long term working relationship with."

Tiana Evans

Yard Concept
Yard Concept
“We had a great experience working with Zanger Digital. We are extremely pleased with our new website and data. I would highly recommend!”

Brian Seid

Managing Member

Website Design FAQ

Why are design and development different services?

While some clients are looking for an all-in-one experience, others may come with existing projects or their own designs. We offer design and development as separate services so that we can meet all of these needs. If you are looking for a full-service package, check out our bundle option on the pricing page.

What is Figma and why do we use it?

Figma is our preferred design tool. We use it heavily in our website design process for everything from wireframes and component blueprints to complete page designs. It allows us to map out our designs and have a plan in place before starting a website build, reducing turnaround times and review cycles in the development phase

How long does it take to design a website?

This depends entirely on the site. Smaller sites with less design elements can be turned around quickly, in about a week. More complex sites with more graphical components may take longer.