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What separates Zanger Digital from other agencies?

Unlike most other agencies, our only focus is on website design, development, and SEO. By limiting the team to these areas, we have become field experts and can translate that into an excellent client experience and final deliverable.

Another thing that sets us apart from others is our streamlined processes which are continuously improving. We constantly tweak how we execute projects to deliver the best results in a shorter timeframe.

What is Webflow, and why should I use it?

Webflow is a high-end CMS platform that offers enhanced design control, lightning-fast load speeds, and a simple, easy-to-use content management system. It also provides excellent interaction control making it easy to make sites come to life with animation.

Combine all of the great benefits of Webflow with an agency that knows how to use Webflow inside and out, and you will get a beautiful website developed in weeks, not months.

How much does it cost to hire you for a project?

Our pricing ranges depending on which service you are interested in. For a complete list of our pricing, visit our pricing page. However, most full site build-outs cost between $5k-$15k, and our SEO/Maintenance plans vary depending on the website size and scope.

How can I get a proposal for our project?

To request a proposal, contact us via our contact form or schedule a free 30-minute strategy call to learn more about our services and process. Also, if you are interested in our SEO services, we offer a free SEO audit of any site delivered within five business days.

Website Design

Why are design and development different services?

While some clients are looking for an all-in-one experience, others may come with existing projects or their own designs. We offer design and development as separate services so that we can meet all of these needs. If you are looking for a full-service package, check out our bundle option on the pricing page.

What is Figma and why do we use it?

Figma is our preferred design tool. We use it heavily in our website design process for everything from wireframes and component blueprints to complete page designs. It allows us to map out our designs and have a plan in place before starting a website build, reducing turnaround times and review cycles in the development phase

How long does it take to design a website?

This depends entirely on the site. Smaller sites with less design elements can be turned around quickly, in about a week. More complex sites with more graphical components may take longer.

Webflow Development

How much does it cost to host a website on Webflow?

Most of our clients land on Webflow's CMS plan, priced at $23/mo. Smaller sites may be able to utilize a lower tier plan, which is $14/mo. For more information see Webflow's pricing page.

Is Webflow hard to use?

While Webflow does have a bit of a learning curve, their editor tool allows for quick and easy updates, along with a simple content management interface. And if you ever have any questions, we'll be right by your side to walk you through them.

Is Webflow better than other options like WordPress, Squarespace, and Wix?

We believe Webflow is the most powerful web creation tool on the market. Its combination of a visual design tool and custom code integration allows for engaging, pixel-perfect sites creating experiences not possible in other tools.


What is SEO?

SEO stand for Search Engine Optimization, and is the practice reviewing a site and attempting to help it rank higher in search engine results. This can be achieved in a variety of methods, from optimizing on-page content to requesting backlinks.

Do we offer guaranteed results?

We do guarantee to improve your site health and link structure, but cannot guarantee results in ranking. SEO is a shifting landscape, with frequent changes in guidelines and algorithms. While we may be taking all the right steps, some factors are outside of our control.

How long does increasing SEO take?

Improving SEO is a long game. It often takes weeks if not months to start seeing the benefits from SEO updates.

What are some of the benefits of SEO?

SEO can increase your site's potential in many ways.

  • It can increase your traffic, bringing more users willing to engage with your product
  • It can boost your credibility, leading to more partnerships or recognition
  • It can give you insights into user journeys or results of marketing campaigns

Site Maintenance

Why wouldn't I just hire a full-time Webflow developer?

Very rarely do even large companies need a full-time Webflow developer to work on updating their website. Even if your company does need near full-time capacity, our enterprise-level package gives you unlimited development time at a fraction of the cost of a full-time developer.

Also, because our team is interlocked with yours on Slack, it will feel like we are your in-house developers. We also simplify tracking your tasks with our streamlined approach using ClickUp.

Do unused hours roll over from previous months?

Yes! Your hours will roll over from previous months.

We cap the rollover to two months, and you must remain on the same level or higher package to keep the rolled-over hours.

Who are these maintenance plans for?

Our Webflow maintenance plans are for medium to large companies that don't have an in-house developer and are too busy to spend hours learning to use Webflow.

Because we only develop sites using Webflow, you can rest assured that every website development task you have will be taken care of promptly and correctly.

How do I cancel or pause my subscription?

You can cancel or pause your subscription at any time; however, we ask for 30-days prior notice beforehand. That gives us enough time to finish any open tasks and help advise you on the next steps of upkeeping your Webflow site.