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When it comes to Webflow Maintenance, we are the answer.

😞 Problem:

One of your team members, marketing agency, or freelancer just broke your website by not knowing how to use Webflow properly and now your in TROUBLE!

🤩 Answer:

When you hire us to manager your Webflow website, you get a team of expert developers that know Webflow inside and out, so you can rest easy knowing your website is in good hands.

😞 Problem:

You hired a freelancer to make some upgrades to your Webflow site but they seem to have gone MIA and now you're stuck with half done site updates.

🤩 Answer:

With a team of full time developers, consistent communication via Slack, and streamlined task management, you can finally relax knowing we will always be here for your website.

😞 Problem:

The site you have right now is ok but when you look into the designer the code is a mess and it seems it is impossible to know what class does what.

🤩 Answer:

All of the developers at Zanger Digital use Fin Sweet's Client-First naming convention which not only makes it super easy to understand but also makes it scalable accross pages and developers.

The all-in-one Webflow Agency

Migrations to Webflow
Custom HTML, CSS & Java
Integration Implementation
New page development
Advanced CMS Setup
Enterprise Webflow builds
Animations & interactions
Page speed optimization
Webflow training & guidance

The Risk Free Webflow Maintenance Plan


Best for companies that need occasional updates to their site and want a Webflow pro on their side.


1 Seat In ClickUp
Communication Via Email
Daily Cloud Backup
5hr/month Site Updates


Best for companies who communicate on Slack and want to add new elements to their website consistently.


Everything In Basic
2 Seat In ClickUp
Quarterly Offsite Backups
Dedicated Slack Channel
10hr/month Site Updates

Most Popular


Best for companies and teams looking to add new pages, collections, or elements to their website.


Everything In Professional
5 Seats In ClickUp
ClickUp + Slack Integration
Priority Response & Support
Monthly Offsite Backups
Monthy Zoom Check-Ins
20hr/month Site Updates


Best for large companies that need multiple new pages and elements on a consistent basis.


Everything In Business
Unlimited ClickUp Seats
Multi-Project Support
Bi-Weekly Zoom Check-Ins
Unlimited Site Updates

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Expert Code Implementation

When it comes to Webflow, clean code execution is critical for both the scalability of the website and for it's load time. Using Client-First as our standardized naming convention, we can keep our code organized and documented so anyone could understand it.

Client-First Naming Convention

Easy To Understand Code Structure

Limited CSS For Lighting Load Speeds

Scaleable On Every Page and Developer

Best Project Management

Using a great pair ClickUp and Slack for project management, every task gets completed, on time, in a clear and easy to predict way. Also, with an intuitive task ticketing system it is easy to add tasks to our queue and to see the progress we make on them.

Streamlined Processes In ClickUp

Direct Slack Communication

Easy To Use Task Ticketing System

Track Tasks Progress Every Step of The Way

In-House Feeling

With the help of consistent meetings, direct communication via Slack, and our streamlined project management solution, when you work with us it feels like we are your dedicated in house development team. Always here to help with any Webflow request.

Frequent 1:1 & Team Zoom Calls

Lightning Fast Responses Via Slack

Dedicated & Attentive Project Manger

Friendly, Passionate, and Caring Team

Lightning Fast Turn-Around

One of the most important parts of our Webflow maitance plan is getting your tasks done quickly and efficiently. For small tasks you can expect a 1-2 day turnaround and for larger tasks like new page development you can expect 5 day delivery in most cases.

1-2 Day Small Task Turnaround

5 Day Large Task Turnaround

Track Task's Due Dates Via ClickUp & Slack

Be Instantly Alerted To Any Task Delays



Happy Clients



Tasks Completed



Years of Experience

Why We Choose Webflow Everytime

Pixel Perfect Implementation

We can match any website designed in Figma, Sketch, or Adobe XD and develop it in Webflow with 1:1 accuracy. Along with a easy feedback system using MarkUp.

Industry Leading CMS

Webflow's CMS (content management system) makes updating your website with new content super easy. It also is dynamic letting us sync content across pages.

Client-First Naming Convention

Client-First standardizes CSS class naming in Webflow and gives us the ability to streamline development across different teams making it easy to scale your website.

Custom Integrations

Using custom code, we can integrate all of your favorite apps like Hubspot, Zapier, Calendly, and much more in your Webflow website.

Lightning Fast Load Speeds

Because Webflow doesn't rely on plugins like Wordpress, it gives any site hosted on Webflow super fast load speeds which make it great for SEO.

Complete Control

Webflow's industry leading designer gives us complete control over your website's look and feel. If you can image it we can build it in Webflow.

What Our Clients Say About Us

Zanger Digital is INCREDIBLE!! I would highly recommend these guys if you're looking for an attractive, smooth, yet high functioning website!

Zack Kaser

Second Light media
Second Light media
Working with Zanger Digital was hands down my best experience working with a web designer. He has a structured process that makes the experience predictible and fluid.

Kyle Vamvouris

“We work with Zanger Digital to manage our website on a regular cadence. The Zanger Digital team are able to turn projects around very quickly.

Phoebe Wang

Content Marketing Manager
“The team at Zanger Digital is professional, knowledgeable, and patient. I have finally found a group I can build a long term working relationship with."

Tiana Evans

Yard Concept
Yard Concept
“We had a great experience working with Zanger Digital. We are extremely pleased with our new website and data. I would highly recommend!”

Brian Seid

Managing Member

Webflow Maintenance FAQ

Why wouldn't I just hire a full-time Webflow developer?

Very rarely do even large companies need a full-time Webflow developer to work on updating their website. Even if your company does need near full-time capacity, our enterprise-level package gives you unlimited development time at a fraction of the cost of a full-time developer.

Also, because our team is interlocked with yours on Slack, it will feel like we are your in-house developers. We also simplify tracking your tasks with our streamlined approach using ClickUp.

Do unused hours roll over from previous months?

Yes! Your hours will roll over from previous months.

We cap the rollover to two months, and you must remain on the same level or higher package to keep the rolled-over hours.

Who are these maintenance plans for?

Our Webflow maintenance plans are for medium to large companies that don't have an in-house developer and are too busy to spend hours learning to use Webflow.

Because we only develop sites using Webflow, you can rest assured that every website development task you have will be taken care of promptly and correctly.

How do I cancel or pause my subscription?

You can cancel or pause your subscription at any time; however, we ask for 30-days prior notice beforehand. That gives us enough time to finish any open tasks and help advise you on the next steps of upkeeping your Webflow site.