Webflow vs. Wix Studio: The Ultimate Comparison (2024)

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Webflow vs. Wix Studio: The Ultimate Comparison (2024)
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In today's digital age, website design is crucial for a website’s success. Both individuals and companies want their websites to look good and function seamlessly. This is where website builders play an important role. So, if you’re confused about Webflow vs Wix Studio, don’t worry; we have you covered. 

Webflow vs Wix Studio

While both builders are good in their ways, Webflow stands out with its advanced features and user-friendly interface. But if you’re not sure which one to choose, here’s a comprehensive guide for you. 

User Interface and Experience

When it comes to making things look pretty on screens, Webflow and Wix Studio are different in the way they work. Wix Studio (which was formally known as Editor X) is famous for being easy to use and often liked by designers who are used to tools like Adobe XD or Sketch. Its easy-to-use drag-and-drop feature makes it a good choice for newbies. 

However, Webflow's interface is a bit complicated but lets you customize things in depth. It’s a great mix of tools for making cool designs and building strong websites. It works well with both beginners and expert designers because the tool gives a real-time preview of the site that you’re editing. The learning part with Webflow is made easier by its massive online community support, making it a more reliable tool in the long run.

Design Capabilities and Flexibility

Design skills are where Webflow really stands out. It beats Wix Studio with its better responsive design features and choices for CSS styling. Webflow's visual editor gives designers more control, letting them make complex designs that work well on all devices without needing much coding knowledge. 

Wix Studio, even though it has a lot of features, doesn't give the same degree of control and freedom. Webflow's way of doing design is more in line with professional rules. It gives you a wider choice when it comes to being creative.

E-commerce and Integration in Webflow vs Wix Studio

In the world of e-commerce and connecting things, Webflow stands out as a more robust platform. It has better features that are important for today's online businesses compared to Wix Studio.

Webflow's ability to do e-commerce is much more advanced. Webflow lets you change the way people buy things. It also works well with all the famous payment gateways like Stripe, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and PayPal. 

Wix Studio offers easy online store management features needed for shopping on the Internet. However, it does not have the fancy features of Webflow, like different payment connections and personalized shopping experiences.

Integration Capabilities in Webflow vs Wix Studio

In third-party connections, Webflow is considered better than Wix Studio. Webflow connects with many outside tools and platforms. This integration helps businesses improve their website's workings. 

On the other hand, Wix Studio uses Wix App Market to connect features, but they don't compare with what Webflow offers. In addition, its app store is pretty new. So, most apps on it don’t integrate well with all website templates.

Community Support and Resources in Webflow vs Wix Studio

When comparing Webflow vs Wix Studio, Webflow offers better community support and resources than its competition. 

Wix Studio gives basic help and learning, but it's not as good for community sharing or deep education as Webflow. We will simplify their community resources to help you make a better choice.


  • Webflow University: A place for learning with many lessons, videos, and help guides. This helpful tool is great for new and experienced users, giving them tips on using Webflow in every possible way.
  • Webflow Forums: A place where users can get help, talk about their experiences, and share advice on what works best. It helps Webflow users work together and feel like they are part of a group.
  • Webflow Workshops and Webinars: Regular classes teach about different things, from simple design ideas to fancy Webflow features.
  • User Events (Meetups): Webflow supports the community by hosting gatherings and big events. This lets people connect and gain knowledge in a fun way.

Wix Studio

For Wix Studio, the program isn't as varied as Webflow. But it gives a chance to use some community tools.

  • Wix Studio: Provides lessons and instructions, but the information is not as vast compared to Webflow University.
  • Community Forums: Wix Studio has a community forum, but it's not as busy or wide as Webflow's. It gives users fewer chances to talk and learn from each other.
  • Customer Support: Wix Studio provides customer support, but users have reported that the response times and the depth of support are not as comprehensive as Webflow's.

Webflow vs Wix Studio: Pricing 

In the Webflow vs Wix Studio comparison, Webflow's pricing plans are better valued, especially for users looking for advanced options and flexibility. 

Not having to pay transaction fees and getting good hosting plus CMS services make Webflow a cheaper choice for big projects. While Wix Studio is also a cheap choice, it might not have the same features and freedom as Webflow.

Webflow's Pricing 

Diverse Plans: Webflow provides different payment plans, from simple to more complex. They are suitable for various users' needs and project sizes. This changing ability lets people pick a plan that best matches their particular needs.

No Transaction Fees: Unlike many other platforms, Webflow does not take fees for sales on e-commerce. This is a big cost-saving for businesses that run online stores.

Hosting and CMS: Webflow's hosting is powered by Amazon Web Services, making it fast and dependable. The CMS is also strong and easy to use.

Wix Studios Pricing

Competitive Pricing: Wix Studio has lower prices, but their plans don't have as many choices as Webflow's. More attention is given to design than to complex features, and expert website builders don't prefer that. 

Limited E-commerce Features: The online shopping features in Wix Studio plans aren't as good as Webflow. 

Real-World Impact and Statistics: A Closer Look at Webflow vs Wix Studio Debate

When comparing Webflow vs Wix Studio, it's smart to check out real websites made with these builders and see how they stand out regarding their look and functionality. Here are some success stories of websites made with Webflow.

  1. Flexport: This is a transportation business company that transferred its website to Webflow. Eventually, it became easier for people to use and understand their web pages. The site's better functioning and easy-to-use design have greatly improved user involvement. 
  2. Lattice: It is a company management website that picked Webflow to handle site needs. Lately, Finweet's client-first style system has been used to improve it.
  3. Eventbrite: Known for managing events well, Eventbrite used Webflow to make a flexible and working help center. This website shows how good Webflow is at handling lots of content in an orderly and quick way.

Wix Studio has many web pages that successfully catch the old audience and bring in new ones. Here are some of them:

  1. Vintique: A website that sells old watches online and is made with Wix Studio. The site shows how good Wix Studio is at making attractive advertisement websites that look engaging.
  2. GreenSpace: It is a modular vertical farming company that used Wix Studio to create its website. 

Comparative Analysis

Websites on Webflow offer more customizability and better technical mastery. In contrast, Wix Studio is easier to use for design. It's usually better for sites where looks are more important than big functions.

When Tuff moved from WordPress to Webflow, the research found that, on average, the company saw a 7.5% rise in organic traffic. This growth can be attributed to Webflow's better SEO tools and neat code output. Moreover, Webflow can make your website perform well on all devices. This has been found to boost user search engine visibility by 36%.


In the Webflow vs Wix Studio comparison, Webflow can be a better option for your website requirements. It gives you everything needed to create a good e-shop or portfolio website.

Are you prepared to use Webflow for all your website design requirements? Zanger Digital is the best choice for fixing and making websites on Webflow. We are also experts in transferring WordPress, Wix, Squarespace, Shopify, or Framer-based websites onto Webflow without a hitch.

So, don't wait to transform your digital footprint. Start using Zanger Digital now and discover how Webflow can make your website look and function better.

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